History of Texas BBQ in Every Bite

Texas was an independent nation long before it joined the United states, but few realize that for 300 years before Texas became a republic, Texas was tide to Mexico and was called Coahuila Y Tejas. At its deepest soul, Texas is connected to Mexico, no river, no border, no law, no war can ever change that. By history by proximity, by culture, and for many families by blood, the two are tied.

Texas Original Charcoal Co is a family-owned company that sets out to make available the best top grade premium 100% all natural lump charcoal products for your enjoyment experience and performance while using your grills and offset smokers.

We have a long history and passion for outdoor cooking just as it has been done for centuries by cowboys and vaqueros across Texas and Mexico. It is with that same passion that we are now offering our fine top-grade premium 100% all-natural lump charcoal fuel.

We continue in a never-ending improvement while honoring the culture and craft of grilling and BBQ.

Texas original charcoal products use premium quality Mexican hardwoods to create 100% all natural hardwood lump charcoal products. Offering a mild flavor that lights fast, burns hot, and long while locking in the best flavors.

Fueling Texas Fires for Generations

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