Dealer Application

Texas Original Charcoal, including the Chaparral products, is ideal for specialty Specialty BBQ Stores and Specialty Meat Markets.

The charcoal is sold in three unit offerings...

    • Split pallet (50% Texas Original Lump 50% Texas Original Briquette)
    • By the pallet per product 900lb (413kg)
    • By the truck - 53 pallets totaling 48,000lb (8165kg)

To make them part of your product offering the steps are easy.

    1. Fill out the basic information below for consideration.
    2. You will be contacted to establish the account details, including where necessary a credit application.
    3. Place your first order. Shipping cost quote available on request.

Application to Become a Dealer

*Pits will be handled separately but parallel to the charcoal items