Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Original Charcoal has partnered with the plants and has control of the products we are putting into our bags, and we have set extremely high standards and expectations for the products that our customers get to enjoy.

The Texas Original Charcoal line is offered as a Premium Charcoal Product line exclusively thru Specialty BBQ Stores and Specialty Meat Markets to offer the highest quality product and a great price point for both the retailer and the customer relative to the product in the bags. Starting out in Texas but ready to ship to any State or Country.

All Natural means that there are not any additives or fillers in the charcoal products mainly pertaining to the briquette or extruded products. The Lump Charcoal products are real carbonized wood products.

Texas Original Charcoal Briquettes are all-natural Oak Briquettes that are a larger briquette that is unique in the sense that they are smooth and extremely tall compared to the majority of the competition. It was important to put out a product that would perform well and maintain high heat, and be extremely consistent.

Chimney starters are the best choice to start charcoal. You can use all-natural fire starters, paper, or some type of product to element to start.