Texas Original Charcoal Products

There is a wide range of products to explore including the premium Texas Original charcoals and the budget-friendly Chaparell products. Also available is the opportunity to brand your own charcoal.

Texas Original Charcoal

100% Natural Oak Blend Lump Charcoal

20lb (9.08kg)

This pure oak product offers a premium grade both in composition and selection of what makes the bag.

The selection range for the charcoal is a large 3 to 5-inch piece average which is up to fifty percent larger than most lump charcoal products on the market.

This lump charcoal is ideal for smoking and grilling from smaller smokers through to larger pits.

Texas Original Charcoal

100% Natural Oak Lump Blend Briquettes

15lb (6.8kg)

Pure oak charcoal is used to create these all-natural uniform briquettes that are a larger size than the majority of .briquettes on the market. 

The larger size of the briquette allows them to burn longer though both there being more to burn and also how it burns.

This premium charcoal briquette is ideal for grilling and Dutch ovens.


Lump Charcoal

16lb (7.26kg) | 6.6lb (3kg)

Chaparral Lump Charcoal is quality charcoal offered in a practical 16-pound bag.

The selection range for the charcoal is a medium 2 to 4 average which is for smaller smokers and grills perfect for the backyard cook.

From bag size to charcoal quality and size this product has focused on what the everyday home cook is looking for in their backyard grilling experience.


Hardwood Briquette

8lb (3.6kg)

Chaparral hardwood charcoal briquettes are the size and quality expected from high-performance charcoal by the everyday backyard cook. 

The traditional size of the briquette makes an easy transition into your developed live-fire cooking style.

This versatile charcoal briquette is ideal for backyard grilling and camping with Dutch ovens.


Hardwood Charcoal Logs

8lb (3.6kg)

Chaparral Hardwood Charcoal Logs are a perfect balance between lump charcoal and briquettes that are becoming a popular new item among American backyard live fire cooks, although having been popular in Mexico for over 50 years.

The extruded log production style creates a higher density than the typical briquette, making it burn longer and hotter. 

The log shape mimics the popular burning style of lump charcoal but is improved through the unique hollow core that changes the burning characteristics to allow for burning with minimal external airflow meaning less is used to create the same heat.

Planet Ranch

White Label Products

16lb (7.26kg) Lump Charcoal
6.6lb (3kg) Lump Charcoal
20lb (9.08kg) Charcoal Briquette
20lb (9.08kg) Charcoal Log


Create your own product range through white label options.
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