White Label Charcoal Inquiry

Creating your own charcoal range can be a great addition to your current product line and it is easier than you may think!
Simply complete the form below to start the process and work with us to create a bag design that you will love, then it is as easy as putting it in the queue and your customized product will be on its way to you.

First, a couple of quick facts to help you with your planning…

  • There is a minimum print run of 10,000 bags, note this is printing the bags, not filling them, they can be filled by negotiation in smaller batches to meet your business’s needs.
  • The quote is based on the standard product offering and quality as found in the Chaparral product range. If a change in quality is desired it will be done by negotiation and related to the volume of product being ordered.
  • Bags range in weight from 6.6lb (3kg) to 20lb (9.08kg)
  • A pallet of charcoal is approximately 910 pounds (413kg). 
  • A truck is 53 pallets totaling 48,000 pounds (8165 kg).
Please provided any additional information or questions regarding branding your own charcoal.